Add rum and coke to any situation and anything could happen.

After a year of back and forth, that final cocktail infused a little liquid courage to a commit toward a month-long trip of spontaneity. We (finally!) drunkenly committed to a trip to Europe.

The hangover? $2,000 worth of plane tickets.

Our hangover cure? We haven’t found it yet, but hopefully it’s somewhere in Europe.

We always toyed with the idea of going to Europe. And every time we brought it up, we found ourselves hiding behind a wall of excuses.

What about the money?

What about finding a job?

Can we afford to be gone for that long?

So over a dirty table we locked our pinkies, kissed our thumbs and said two (and a half) magic words: we’re going.

We came to a realization that this opportunity isn’t given to everyone. If we didn’t get on a plane now, we probably would never find ourselves wandering the streets of Cologne (which is planned, kinda).

We both have a serious case of wanderlust. This need for adventure and desire to be a stranger in another city was gnawing. We’ve both graduated from college, but there is a wealth of knowledge still out there.

We wanted to be lost. Not lost in the sense of direction or lost in the sense of a complex chemistry equation; lost in the sense of J.R.R. Tolkien’s version… not all those who wander are lost.

We wanted to be a wandering lost, where we knew we’d be happiest.

Hopefully that will be the beauty of our trip; we’re weirdly excited to be sleep-deprived, sore, drunk and frazzled. For a month.

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We’re leaving May 9 for a weekend in London to begin our back door approach through Europe—living like the locals, eating the best food, drinking the best beer and hopefully making some friends along the way. London should be a good start to seeing the ins and outs of a city, given our friend Brett has been living there for almost a year. He’s already got a Saturday full of rugby and his favorite London destinations planned for us. From there, we’re not really sure. We know that we have to make it to Barcelona in 28 days, traveling more than 2,800 miles through an expanse of 8 countries.

If there is one lesson we’ve learned so far it’s this: Just go.

Take the risk, pack a bag and just go.

You can’t wait for adventure to come knocking. You have to go and seek it for yourself.

Drop some cash and buy a plane ticket while you’re young and no one has any expectations for you—we can live for ourselves and no one else.

Then leave all your own expectations behind and get lost.

That’s our plan.

Always craving spontaneity,

– C&J