Our last city!

It’s bittersweet to be in Barcelona because of the short amount of time we have to spend here and, sadly, it means our adventure comes to an end.

Barcelona is a city for artists. It’s beautiful here: graffiti walls, artisan shops on every corner, plazas lined with painters and streets filled with music.

When we arrived we beelined for food and exploration. Our hostel is located on Placa Reial, the center of Barcelona’s most popular area. We were not too far from any street markets or the ocean. Perfect!

We began our evening with a pub crawl. Also known as, “all-the-free-shots-til-you-die crawl.” Every bar we went to gave out free shots. We even did a flaming shot—which was a first for our innocent little minds. One of the bars we went to had more than 600 shots.


There were a lot of guys attending the pub crawl, mostly from Canada, Australia, Argentina and America. We also spent a lot of our time with a girl from China. She’s traveling solo, so we mother-ducked her while we were out.


We went back to our hostel for their “happy hour” (at midnight) and left around one in the morning to go out to a popular club (clubs open around 2 a.m.!). We hopped into the cab and headed out, not returning home until after three. We think. It was all a blur. And we aren’t going to share any stories from the club—those memories will stay with us 🙂


In the morning we visited La Sagrada Familia. It’s a huge church in the north of Barcelona. Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece began in 1882. He took over the project design in 1883, fully knowing that he would not live to see its completion. In fact, at the time of his death, less than a quarter of the project was complete. Currently, it is still being built, and depends on private donations and tourism money to continue the process. There is an estimated completion date of 2026, the centennial of Antoni Gaudi’s death.


Afterward, we headed back toward our area of town and did some light shopping and wandered the streets of Barcelona.


We spent a lot of time in small cluttered shops in tiny alleyways, hoping to discover buried treasures.


The shops were amazing, and our favorite shop was full of handmade items from local artisans. The girl working in the shop was so passionate about the artists that were featured, and she took the time to take us around to each different art piece, describing the time it took and the process behind it.


This trip has been more than amazing. Read our last post for a recap.

Craving spontaneity (and more wild shots),