We never anticipated the emotions (or even the day) of writing this last post.

Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve experienced, and better yet, what we’ve learned:

We’ve become experts at public transportation, navigating foreign streets, map reading, avoiding hagglers, making new friends, identifying accents and spending way too much money.

Cori tripped so many times that Jordan stopped counting.

We visited 10 countries (England, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, France, Monaco and Spain) and traveled to and through so many cities we lost count. We walked so many miles that if we added them up, we could probably walk across the Atlantic and back home.

We literally walked around the outside of an entire country, got caught in a blizzard high in the Swiss Alps, biked through Amsterdam in the rain, went canyoning in the icy waters of Switzerland, drank wine endorsed by the Pope in the South of France, met Mark Dantonio’s cousin atop St. Peter’s Basilica and made friends from Canada, Argentina, China, Australia and Sweden.

We almost missed our flight to France, got turned around on way too many trains and trams, missed a ferry to Amsterdam, pet goats and ponies (and talked to some cows), talked sports with cabbies, ate a disgusting amount of Nutella, mastered showers that looked like they should be a part of a nuclear cleaning site, and muddied our shoes to the brink of throwing them away.

Yet, through it all, we never said a bad word to each other. Overall, and despite the small hiccups, we would definitely call it successful.

Traveling throughout Europe with nothing but a backpack and your best friend is a life-changing experience. It is stressful, exciting, jaw-dropping, beautiful, terrifying and adrenaline-pumping—all at the same time.

We wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

Being able to experience this together was so incredible that it’s hard to put in words. The memories we have of this trip will be with us forever. And the memories that weren’t “blog-approved material” or the little things that happened between trains, platforms and hostel bunks will always be with us too.

There’s never a better time than now to travel. So, quit making excuses for yourself. Life will still be there when your plane touches down at home. So will your friends, boyfriends, family, dogs, your favorite restaurants and your weekend bars blaring “today’s hit song.”

We can’t paint you a picture of how beautiful the Swiss Alps or the French coastline are or describe what it’s like to to get sun burnt on a topless beach. We can’t capture in a photo what it’s like to laugh to the point of tears with utter strangers or attempt to sing a song in another language. There are no words to explain what it’s like to be lost in the clouds of a mountain or the pain in your ass after falling asleep on train station floors for hours.

Traveling can define your life. It’s surely defined ours. It makes you laugh and cry (and ooh and ahh). It stresses you out beyond belief. But it also connects you to others in a way you can’t possibly be connected by sitting on your couch.

Just GO and don’t come back for a while. Explore. Chase sunsets and horizons. Explore. Get lost. Explore. Explore. And wander. Wander with no expectations or obligations. Just a makeshift agenda and a hunger for spontaneity.

They say all good things must come to an end.

But we don’t think so, because at least we always have each other, and as long as we are planning adventures together, even in our hometowns something unexpected and exciting is bound to happen. We think we’ve exceeded expectations. Stay tuned.


Always craving spontaneity (and our next adventure),